"Judaculla's Bridge"  painted aluminum
2000    87 x 35 x 22 inches  $16,000 

The Landscape Bridge Series

The idea for the sculptures in this series grew from my interest in the myths of various peoples.  Often, a more than human personage came to this planet, made its mark, and then moved on to some mystical next place.  In this way our world served as a connection or conduit for travel or ideas. For these travelers our world became a bridge, spiritually, and symbolically.  Many extraordinary beings came to mind ffrom Merlin and Quetzocoatl, to Judaculla of the Cherokee People. I have tried to embody in these works elements of landscape, of passage, of uncertainty, and of unfamiliarity.  These sculptures began as thoughts and worked their way into real objects. Often, I record my ideas in my sketchbook.  I do not write down words, but rather draw images of what I have "seen".  The composition of these have evolved directly from previous works.  I made visual decisions and choices and then chose to make the sculpture...a real version of the visual images.  I almost always fabricate these pieces from sheet aluminum and paint them.  The paint not only protects the metal from corrosion, but also allows me to make my sculptures colorful.  Color is extremely important to me...I respond intensely to color that surrounds me. Making a work of art that does not intimately involve color is foreign to my thinking.  The act of realizing sculpture has always led me to new works, to a variation on a previous work, and a never-ending next sculpture. Consequently, I usually work in series, that is a group of works that all relate to a central idea.  I hope that you find  the Landscape Bridge Series stimulating, both visually, and metaphorically. various peoples.  Often, a m
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